Mobile Apps Testing

Main features of Mobile App Testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

  • Testing expertise for native apps, web apps as well as hybrid apps
  • Complete test coverage for all components of the application
  • Testing for interruptions while application use
  • Testing according to network conditions for targeted users
  • Performance testing on devices with different configurations

Our Mobile Apps Testing services:

  • Usability Testing

    Ease-Of-Use of the mobile application from the perspective of the end-user is the main focus here

  • Functional Testing

    This testing is to ensure that all the intended functions of a mobile application should work as expected

  • Performance Testing

    The Mobile Application is tested on mobile devices with low-end and high-end configurations in different conditions

  • Compatibility Testing

    Re-execution of functional test cases for a specific module or feature to ensure a recent change did not cause a bug

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

Dedicated Device FarmWe have an ingenious mix of devices and services to give you exactly what you need in terms of mobile app testing

Customized testing according to your targeted audienceWe take special care to only test the devices and configurations that will actually be used by your targeted audience and market.

Use of tools for UX testingNot only functionally, but your mobile apps will also be tested thoroughly for user experience with the help of tools like Mixpanel

How Mobile Testing Works

Mobile App Testing aims to uncover any bugs that could be device specific, configuration specific or network specific via steps as below:

  • Decide the Device-Matrix

    According to the targeted geographical area and the type of users, the devices that need testing is decided.

  • Compatibility testing

    The application is smoke tested on all the supported devices to make sure it does not fail on a specific device.

  • Bug reporting

    All the possible test scenarios are documented and executed on the supported devices, any failure is reported.

  • Performance Testing

    The test cases are executed in different network conditions and in scenarios when some resources on the devices could cause a bottleneck.


BeSpokeQA saved my app and my company. After many rounds of testing, everyone else told me the app had no bugs and was ready to launch. I sent the app to beSpokeQa Team to do one final testing and they found numerous bugs that everyone else missed. They are super smart and I am so incredibly happy I hired them.

Kathleen Chabus

(Memory Share App)

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