Localization Testing

Main features of Localization Testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

  • Check on translation in the Help Files and Documentation
  • Testing against regional standards
  • Localized text tested in all possible areas of a product
  • Proofreading of translations by language experts
  • Testing for usability in all supported locales

Our Localization Testing services:

  • Usability Testing

    Ease-Of-Use of the application from the perspective of the end-user in a particular region

  • Responsiveness Testing

    The product is tested on multiple resolutions and screen sizes for all supported languages

  • Functional Testing

    This testing is to ensure that all the intended functions of an application work in all supported languages

  • Cross Browser Testing and Cross-Device Testing

    Testing on multiple browsers and devices in different languages

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

Proofreading by language experts To ensure that the localized version of your products clicks with the local users, proofreading is done by language experts before testing begins.

Region Specific TestingTesting will not be limited to only the language, it will also include region-specific stuff like phone number, date and time formats

Testing of Localization Efforts We use tools like HotJar and Mixpanel to evaluate how the localized product is used by the intended local users and how they react to it

How Localization Testing Works

Localization testing aims to attract users from different parts of the world by making the product work in their language. The steps involved are:

  • Pre-localization Testing

    To help create test cases that will be executed during localization testing

  • Proofread by Language Experts

    Before embarking on the process of localization testing, all the documentation is reviewed

  • Functional and regional testing

    To ensure that all functions work and regional standards are met

  • Analysing regional user behaviour

    Analysing how a regional user uses the products and using the data to determine if any UI/locale changes are needed


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