Functional Testing

Main features of Functional Testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

  • Test Cases are prepared with special focus on requirements
  • Testing with all possible types of inputs
  • Always making sure that output is as expected
  • Thorough testing of all the interfaces of the product
  • Error-handling testing to verify the robustness of the system

Our Functional Testing services:

  • Usability Testing

    Ease-Of-Use of the product from the perspective of the end-user is the main focus here

  • Smoke Testing

    Also known as “Build Verification testing”, this is the preliminary testing of vital functions to ascertain that the build is ready for further testing

  • Sanity Testing

    Execution of a set of high priority test cases before full functional testing could be started

  • Regression Testing

    Re-execution of functional test cases for a specific module or feature to ensure a recent change did not cause a bug

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

Focus on requirements throughoutThe functional requirement specifications are treated seriously at every stage of testing making sure that product works as intended.

Simulation of Real-world scenariosThe product functions are tested under real-world conditions to catch any bug before it can reach the end-users

ISTQB Certified TestersWith the world-class team at your service, rest assured your product is in safe hands and you will get the highest level of quality.

How Functional Testing Works

Functional testing aims to uncover any gaps between the requirements and the actual implementation, the steps involved are as below:

  • Requirements Mapping

    The specifications of the product are reviewed and are mapped to test cases

  • Testing input for functionality

    All possible kinds of inputs are provided to specific functions that need testing

  • Output result comparison

    The output of functions under test is compared with the expected results

  • Error Handling Testing

    Testing to make sure all conditions that could trigger an error or exception are handled


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