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SwitchVPN is an anonymous VPN service with a focus on privacy protection for its users

SwitchVPN focuses on users that either wish to access content that is locked for their geolocation, want to access web securely and anonymously, or for the TV-buffs who just want to enjoy watching their favourite shows from anywhere in the world. SwitchVPN is the best choice for all such users with best in tech encryption technologies

The Problem

Performance and security-focused testing

SwitchVPN did not need any UI testing, what they needed was a robust desktop app that was the best in terms of security as well as performance.

The application was supposed to be tested on all supported desktop devices with all the network bandwidths that most parts of the world.

The Solution

Network conditions focused testing

For a VPN application, the ability to connect and work from any type of network across the world is the most important. We did extensive tests for all types of network conditions using NetLimiter.

Ensuring Anonymity of users

To ascertain that application offers the same level of anonymity it claims, we tested IP leak protection and DNS anonymization features thoroughly.

World wide connections tested

We tested connections to all supported countries from all possible countries and reported all major and minor bugs for better quality and best service

Test all supported OS

Extensive Testing was done on Windows and Mac Desktop for all supported Operating System versions and releases.

The Result

A VPN app that Never compromises on network speed

With the help of our extensive performance testing and accurate bug reporting, we were able to catch multiple functionality bugs that would otherwise have hampered the performance of the application

One of the safest and most privacy-oriented VPN service app

We leveraged the security testing expertise at BespokeQA to ensure that all the safety and security-related features of the application worked as expected in all scenarios. This included testing their data encryption methods and zero-logging policy for users.