OS Compatibility

UI Testing

Functional QA

Performance QA

Trading Card Game that runs 100% on BlockChain Technology

Relentless TCG is the first game of its kind that has brought the customizability of the physical trading cards to the digital realm. The cards bought by a user are owned by them forever unless they trade them on a massive P2P marketplace. These cards can be used by owners in any of the user-created custom game modes or tournaments

The Problem

Multi-platform support with real-time gaming

The game was to be supported on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows Desktop and all the interactions between any 2 gamers were supposed to happen in real-time.

Testing to make sure all interactions happened without delay and optimising testing for what devices and OS should be tested was the challenge here.

The Solution

All supported devices tested

Before starting the testing, it was essential to create a device matrix that will be supported and will be tested thoroughly for any issues.

Performance Gradation

Relentless being a real-time trading card game between players, it was essential to make sure, every task was accomplished in real-time even when the server was loaded

Secure authentication and interaction

To make sure the authentication and interaction between multiple players during gaming and trading were secure, thorough security testing was needed.

Social Media Integration

For a game to truly become viral, social media integration should work effortlessly and we had planned to give it the proper attention it deserved.

The Result

The game gained popularity in a short span of time

Because of the unique concept of the game and because it had been thoroughly tested, this game was able to gain good popularity in a short span of time. The client was very happy with the good reviews it was receiving for its smooth play experience

Reported issues after launch were minimal

Even though the loom network team had expected a lot of issues soon after launch, as was their experience from previous launches, the all-round and expert testing, ensured that the issues reported were very few