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An app focused on better experience for commercial real estate tenants

LeasingBetter provides a multitude of much needed services such as help in making the lease language better, Market Intel for typical price ranges and even a detailed report if needed, automatic setting of the important dates related to the lease and a space planner. It also gives the option of setting a RE advisor for a broker in the app.

The Problem

Usability and user experience

We got the application for testing before its release but the main area that needed us to focus on first was the usability of the application.

The features were built but not refined. There were many scenarios in which the application was hanging and rendered the application unusable.

The Solution

Granular Bug reporting

We reported bugs for every glitch that we saw and added all the information we could gather after root cause analysis and isolation for making life a little easier for the developers.

Detailed testing for every user-type

The application had 2 types of users and we had to make sure to do detailed testing for features for all types of users such that we had full confidence before launch

Negative Testing

We also gave special attention to testing any negative scenarios where the user might do something that the developers or the business had not accounted for

Testing on a device matrix

This application aimed to support a wide variety of configurations devices and bespokeQA did assiduous testing for all supported devices.

The Result

A glitch-free app for all supported devices

BespokeQA’s special focus on detailed bug-reporting for making the app free from any hangs or glitches in all scenarios resulted in an app that worked like a well-oiled machine on all supported devices.

A smooth-functioning easy to use app

Detailed testing not only in terms of the requirements but also for any negative scenario or an edge case made the app very easy to use and promised a great user experience which resulted in users happily adopting this app for all their leasing needs.