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Manual Testing

Functional QA


FontBundles is a unique e-commerce site that deals in free and premium fonts.

When BespokeQA got involved in the testing of FontBundles, the website had already been in production for 3 years. The website was growing in terms of business and needed more resources for new features, maintenance, testing and bug-fixes. We completely understood their requirements and entirely focused on the quality from the onset.

The Problem

A growing business needs better quality

When BespokeQA got involved in the project, FontBundles was already getting the attention from more buyers which also means more attacks in terms of security.

BespokeQA was focused on achieving all round quality for FontBundles from the onset along with ensuring that the site was safe and sound from any prying eyes.

The Solution

In-depth security checks

As soon as BespokeQA started testing the project, the first thing was to ensure that the website was safe and secure in all respects for the owners and the customers.

Production Environment specific Testing

To make sure there were no bugs lurking in the production that were not reproducible on the testing environment, a detailed regression test on production was executed.

Data Integrity Checks

After safety and security, the most important component of an e-commerce website is it’s customer’s data and all tests were executed to make sure the data was being stored correctly and safely.

Re-evaluation of usability

When multiple features are being added to an application, user experience as a whole is what usually suffers. BespokeQA next planned fresh evaluation of usability and UX.

The Result

The website became more secure and safe overall

We uncovered security bugs such as the real IP was not hidden from the users which could have led to a DDOS attack and would have caused damage to the client’s reputation and customer’s faith in them.

Increase in conversion rate from visitors to users

A better user experience and usability for the website meant an easier website for users and that led to more people signing up for FontBundles as compared to before we joined the team.